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JCW stands for 'Jeugd, Cultuur en Wetenschap', translated as 'Youth, Culture and Science' and is an organisation with activities in Flanders and Brussels (Belgium).

JCW involves young people (6 till 30 year) in cultural and scientific activities, and stimulates their interest for culture (more specific cultural inheritance) en sciences by reaching on a palet of activities in their spare time: day activities, weekends, camps and workshops.

JCW is an ‘open member’ organisation. Each person can participate in all activities, organised for his age, without being a member of JCW.

You can contact the office for more info, during weekdays from 10 AM till 4 PM:

Vlaanderenstraat 101
B-1800 Vilvoorde
tel: +32 2 252 58 08
fax: +32 2 253 39 14 
E-mail: info[at]jcw[dot]be